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he Valley Bulletin, a cherished local news publication serving the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley areas of Los Angeles, embarked on a transformative journey with our web design team to enhance its digital presence. With a substantial circulation of 100,000 homes, The Valley Bulletin has been a vital source of local real estate news, trends, community events, and real estate tips. Our collaboration aimed to translate the newsletter’s rich content into an engaging and accessible online platform at thevalleybulletin.com, ensuring the community stays connected with the latest updates from trusted journalists. Through strategic design elements, user-friendly navigation, and seamless integration of valuable local stories, our web design approach successfully brought The Valley Bulletin into the digital era, fostering community engagement and accessibility.

The new website does not only preserved the integrity of The Valley Bulletin’s local charm but also extended its reach to a broader online audience. The platform serves as a dynamic hub for readers to explore previous publications, stay informed about community happenings, and connect with the heart of the local real estate scene. This case study exemplifies how thoughtful web design can rejuvenate traditional media, providing a seamless transition to the digital realm while preserving the essence of a beloved community publication. We take pride in our role in enhancing The Valley Bulletin’s online presence, ensuring it remains a trusted source for local news and real estate insights.





When you decide to work with me, the first thing I do is research your industry and look at what your competitors are doing when it comes to design and marketing. This gives me an idea of what standard practices are used throughout or industry and allows me to be prepared when we meet and go over your coals. 



After I explore your business sector and analyze the design and concepts for some of your direct competitors, I’ll schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to go over your goals, the placement of your product or services and your vision for the final outcome and take all of your ideas and suggestions into the design process.



After we meet, I take your ideas and the research that I do on your competitors and begin the design process. I provide you with regular updates and make sure that we are on the same page throughout the design process so I can deliver a product that you absolutely LOVE!