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or Premier Plus Lending, a real estate lending company known for personalized service, ZP Branding and Marketing developed a website that exudes professionalism and warmth. The site features intuitive navigation, guiding visitors through the loan process with informative content, and easy-to-find contact information for prompt service. We highlighted their thorough and reliable pre-approval process with dedicated sections and clear calls to action, ensuring potential clients understand the value and ease of starting their journey with Premier Plus Lending.


The website’s design leverages the company’s color palette of deep blue and vibrant red, creating a visual metaphor for their tagline, “Funding Success.” Client testimonials and bespoke loan solutions are prominently featured, underlining the thoughtful, tailored approach Premier Plus Lending takes with each individual.




P Branding and Marketing extended Premier Plus Lending’s branding to social media, creating a feed layout that is both engaging and informative. The Instagram feed, displayed on various devices within the case study imagery, shows a mix of content types — from educational tips and loan officer highlights to client success stories.

Each post incorporates the brand’s signature colors and is carefully curated to maintain a professional yet accessible feel. We managed the content calendar to ensure a steady stream of valuable insights and company updates, fostering trust and engagement with the audience. The social media strategy was designed to reflect the company’s dedication to prompt, personal service and reliable information.



Print Marketing Materials


ecognizing the importance of physical marketing materials in the real estate industry, ZP Branding and Marketing designed a suite of print materials for Premier Plus Lending. These include brochures, business cards, and personalized loan officer materials, which loan officers can use to present a cohesive brand image during client interactions. The print materials carry through the website’s visual themes and are created to be both eye-catching and informative, leaving a lasting impression of the company’s commitment to personal service and bespoke solutions.


In summary, Premier Plus Lending’s case study showcases how ZP Branding and Marketing successfully bridged the gap between traditional personal service and digital marketing excellence. The comprehensive approach to web design, social media management, and print materials reinforces their dedication to funding success for each client.





When you decide to work with me, the first thing I do is research your industry and look at what your competitors are doing when it comes to design and marketing. This gives me an idea of what standard practices are used throughout or industry and allows me to be prepared when we meet and go over your coals.



After I explore your business sector and analyze the design and concepts for some of your direct competitors, I’ll schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to go over your goals, the placement of your product or services and your vision for the final outcome and take all of your ideas and suggestions into the design process.



After we meet, I take your ideas and the research that I do on your competitors and begin the design process. I provide you with regular updates and make sure that we are on the same page throughout the design process so I can deliver a product that you absolutely LOVE!