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or Kim & Daniel Studios, the logo was crafted to embody the core values of innovation and holistic design. The emblem, composed of geometric shapes, reflects the architectural aspect of their work, merging both interior and exterior elements into a cohesive whole. The letterforms ‘K’ and ‘D’ are artfully integrated within the geometry, signaling the partnership at the heart of the studio. This integration showcases the seamless blending of aesthetics with functionality, which is central to the studio’s philosophy.

The color palette was chosen with care; the deep navy blue conveys trust, professionalism, and depth, mirroring the profound understanding of space and structure that Kim & Daniel Studios brings to each project. The secondary slate and sky blues provide a visual relief, lending a modern and fresh feel that speaks to innovative design solutions.

The typography accompanying the logo is clean and modern, contributing to the sense of sophistication and clarity. Overall, the logo stands as a beacon of excellence and creativity, mirroring the studio’s dedication to crafting spaces that deeply resonate with their clients.



he moodboard for Kim & Daniel Studios is a visual representation of their design ethos. It combines textures, material samples, and color swatches that reflect their commitment to excellence. The inclusion of architectural plans and fabric samples on the moodboard nods to the studio’s comprehensive approach to projects, considering every angle from the raw blueprint to the tactile experience.


The layout is purposefully spacious, allowing each element to be appreciated individually and as part of a greater whole—much like the studio’s approach to space. It also suggests the way Kim & Daniel Studios envisions design: open, breathable, and harmoniously integrated.




he website for Kim & Daniel Studios was crafted to be an extension of their branding, providing an immersive digital experience that reflects the quality of their physical designs. The homepage welcomes visitors with a clean, structured layout, echoing the studio’s focus on blending form and function. High-quality images of their projects take center stage, allowing potential clients to immediately gauge the level of their work.

Functionality is a critical component of the design, with intuitive navigation leading visitors through the studio’s portfolio, philosophy, and contact information. Calls to action are strategically placed, encouraging engagement without detracting from the overall aesthetic. The website is responsive, ensuring that the experience is seamless across all devices—a nod to Kim & Daniel Studios’ adaptability and attention to detail in the ever-evolving digital space.


In conclusion, the branding and web presence for Kim & Daniel Studios were carefully constructed to not only represent their identity but also to showcase their prowess in design. The end result is a brand experience that is both beautiful and practical, much like the spaces Kim & Daniel Studios aspire to create for their clients.




When you decide to work with me, the first thing I do is research your industry and look at what your competitors are doing when it comes to design and marketing. This gives me an idea of what standard practices are used throughout or industry and allows me to be prepared when we meet and go over your coals.



After I explore your business sector and analyze the design and concepts for some of your direct competitors, I’ll schedule an in-person or virtual consultation to go over your goals, the placement of your product or services and your vision for the final outcome and take all of your ideas and suggestions into the design process.



After we meet, I take your ideas and the research that I do on your competitors and begin the design process. I provide you with regular updates and make sure that we are on the same page throughout the design process so I can deliver a product that you absolutely LOVE!