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n developing the brand identity for Harvist, a revolutionary SaaS company for real estate agents, ZP Branding and Marketing aimed to embody the essence of automation and efficiency in real estate farming. The logo, a stylized representation of growth and connectivity, mirrors the software’s ability to streamline complex tasks. With its fluid lines forming a leaf-like shape that also suggests a location pin, the design encapsulates Harvist’s dual focus on the organic nature of client relationships and the precision of their technological solutions.

The color scheme, a palette of vibrant greens against a clean, white background, invokes a fresh, modern vibe that aligns with the innovation Harvist brings to the real estate sector. Typography is modern and uncluttered, ensuring that the brand’s message is communicated with clarity.




he moodboard for Harvist is a visual narrative of the brand’s values. It juxtaposes imagery of peaceful residential neighborhoods against the backdrop of Harvist’s user interface, illustrating the seamless integration of real estate expertise with state-of-the-art technology. The chosen color palette reflects stability, growth, and the professional ease that Harvist offers its users.


ZP Branding and Marketing extended this narrative into a variety of print materials, including informative postcards and brochures. These materials distill complex information into digestible graphics and succinct messaging, resonating with busy real estate professionals who value time and clear communication. QR codes and interactive elements link the physical and digital realms, encouraging potential users to explore Harvist’s services further.


Social Media


n creating Harvist’s Instagram visual strategy, we aimed for a layout that reflects the streamlined and professional nature of their SaaS platform. The feed features a mix of content types, including educational articles, client testimonials, and calls to action.

Each post is designed with brand consistency in mind, incorporating Harvist’s signature green and white color palette. The use of alternating post types creates a checkerboard effect, which is visually engaging and encourages users to scroll through the content.

Promotional posts utilize compelling headlines and overlays of the Harvist logo to emphasize brand identity and marketing messages, while informative posts include snippets of blog articles framed with eye-catching graphics and clean, modern typography. The posts are crafted to be visually cohesive and informative, striking a balance between aesthetic appeal and value to the audience.



he Harvist website, crafted by ZP Branding and Marketing, is the digital gateway to the brand’s promise of simplified real estate farming. The website showcases an elegant and intuitive design, with a focus on user experience. From the moment visitors land on the page, they are greeted with a clean, navigable space, clear calls-to-action, and an easy sign-up process.

Each webpage is optimized for conversions, with strategic placement of testimonials, service descriptions, and demo requests. The site’s responsive design ensures that the same quality experience is delivered across all devices, a nod to the flexibility that Harvist itself provides to real estate professionals. The landing pages for Harvist are crafted to convert interest into engagement. With persuasive copy, stunning visuals, and prominent lead capture forms, these pages are fine-tuned to speak directly to the needs of real estate agents looking to maximize their time and sales potential.


In conclusion, ZP Branding and Marketing has crafted a comprehensive branding and digital experience for Harvist that communicates the innovative edge of the software, while remaining deeply rooted in the practical needs of the real estate industry. The brand’s presence — from logo to print, website to landing pages — speaks of a forward-thinking company ready to lead the charge in real estate technology.





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